Vaccine delivery in the skin

MyLife Technologies specializes in ceramic Micro Needle Arrays for intradermal vaccine delivery.

We offer major benefits for vaccine developers:

  • Delivering vaccines in the skin can reduce the amount of antigens by factors 3 to 20 less antigen for the same immunological respons as compared to intramuscular or sub-cutaneous injections. That makes a big difference in rapid response to new outbreaks of infectious diseases, at local, regional or global scale. 
  • Our cermic nano-pore micro needles enable the development of dry-products for self-administration and ambient storage and shipping
  • These two USP's ensure a significant reduction in the total cost of delivery, and in speeding up the delivery of vaccines, both for protecting healthcare workers in rapid response to outbreak situations of new or mutated microbes, and in providing best-in-class delivery of cancer vaccines

Unlike other micro needle systems, our ceramic nanopores offer unparallleld flexibility in loading, stabilization, release and manufacturing of the final ready-to-use patches.


Initial in vivo studies showed effective results using Influenza-A Spike Protein immunization and 100% survival in challenge studies with the 2009 pandemic Influenza virus H1N1 ('Mexican flu'), and on effective immunization against Diphtheria and Tetanus.


MyLife has demonstrated effective and efficient delivery a of a wide range of API's (Small Molecule Drugs, Peptides, Proteins) and vaccines, ranging in size from 100D to multi-valent sub-unit vaccines. In vivo models used in the past range from mice to mini-pigs.


First-in-Human projects conducted with the Center for Human Drug Research (CHDR - Leiden, NL) showed safety and tolerablity with and without a loaded peptide pharmaceutical. 


Current projects involve intradermal vaccine delivery of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein, mRNA nano-particle delivery and HPV-antigen.  


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