Intradermal vaccine delivery allows to effectively target the immune cells in the dermis and epidermis. This could enhance the efficacy of vaccines and may potentially result in a significant dose sparing compared to intramuscular injection. Clinical evidence of comparable systems shows a 3-20x fold reduction of antigen required for same immunization compared to I.M. application.


Microneedle delivery is minimally invasive and pain-free for the patient. Our micro-needle arrays, incorporated into a patch and applied by a simple insertion device makes the administration safe and easy to use. It allows for self-administration by the patient. Self-administration -in the patient’s home environment- leads to better patient convenience and lower overall costs.


Our technical solution for vaccine delivery presents unique and valuable advantages:

  • our npMNA's deliver into the most immune-competent area of the skin (epidermis and dermis). This is more or less impossible for high-numbers vaccination programs using subcutaneous or intra-muscular needle-stick delivery. 
  • Depending on the type of antigen to be delivered, our intra-dermal delivery requires up to 20x less antigen compared to standard subcutaneous or intra-muscular delivery used in most vaccination campaignes. This saves critical time and huge costs to produce enough vaccination units on time to curb new and recurring viral epidemic/pandemic outbreaks as caused by for instance Influenza, Ebola or Corona viruses.
  • Many vaccine-formulations for our npMNA's can be delivered in dried state, to be re-activated by skin-moist or a simple drop of aqeous buffer once placed on the skin. This offers important savings in cost-, complexity- and speed as expensive cold-chain storage and distrubution is eliminated from getting your vaccines into the field quickly and safe.
  • Adjuvants or other essential excipients are compatible and versatile with the nano-porous structure of our npMNA's allowing for different release profiles as well. Loading of formulations into the npMNA's is a simple process of soak-drip-tip, and problematic drying times in high-throughput/continuous production is a 'thing of the past'. 
  • As our npMNA's do not draw blood, protecting healthcare workers against blood-borne infections (i.e. HIV, Ebola, Hepatitis) is far less cumbersome, and far less intimidating for patients. 
  • The delivery of the vaccine using our npMNA's is painfree, as the microneedles do not reach the nerve-tips nor the feeding blood vessels (these are located in deeper tissue layers).
  • The microneedle patch is easy to administer and hassle-free within 30 seconds, and can be done by local healthcare workers, GP's or even through self-administration by the patient using our disposable applicator... sent though postal delivery.