Nanoporous microneedle array technology

The platform technology for ceramic nanoporous MicroNeedle Arrays (npMNA’s)  was invented at University of Twente, MESA+, Institute for Nanotechnology, The Netherlands.

The two main distinguishing features of our technology are widely recognized by the industry: we offer ceramic and nano-porous micro-needle arrays. The nano-pores allow for storage of active compounds, such as vaccines, inside the device consisting of micro-needles connected to a backplate. In combination with surface-bound active compounds, a unique release profile can be achieved (e.g. rapid onset and longer duration) by our npMNAs- distinguishing our technology clearly from existing solid microneedles arrays. Once brought into proper contact with the skin, the vaccine diffuses from the nano-pores into the outer skin layers targeting the dendritic cells. The microneedles pierce the stratum corneum and reach into the epidermis and dermis.

We offer a technology based on ceramic micro-needles arrays, integrated into a transdermal patch, and properly applied to the skin most likely by a npMNA -integrated  applicator patch.

Our technical solution for vaccine delivery presents certain important advantages:

  • In comparison to intramuscular delivery of vaccines, it is expected that 5 to 100 times lower doses are required for intradermal delivery.
  • The delivery of the vaccine will be painless, as the microneedles do not reach the endings of the nerves and blood vessels (these are located in deeper tissue layers).
  • The microneedle patch shall be easy and safe to administer, which makes self-administration by the patient possible.

In the field of microneedle technology, the large majority of the technology developers focus on either solid microneedles or hollow microneedles (figure below). Solid micro-needles can be used in various ways: poke & patch (micro-needles perforate the skin and consequently a drug containing patch is applied onto the skin), coat & poke (drug coated micro-needles are applied on the skin for release of the coating), poke & dissolve (drug containing polymer micro-needles dissolve in the skin after administration). MyLife Technologies holds a unique position by offering a poke & diffuse technology: Drugs entrapped in the nano-pores of the micro-needle arrays diffuse into the skin after administration. The poke & diffuse approach gives a unique drug release profile, which can be influenced by the design parameters of the micro-needle arrays and by the excipients in the formulation.